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Do you love your career AND love being a mom? Me too!

Do you feel like you’re rocking all things career and motherhood one day, and the next completely failing at all of it? That’s me too!

….I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

Hi. I’m Emily. I’m a wife and mom of two young boys. I’m also a traditional 9 to 5’er, pursuing my career goals every Monday-Friday – and if we’re really being honest – occasional nights and weekends too. I love being a mom AND I love my career. And, I truly believe it’s possible to thrive in both. 

But, I also know climbing the corporate ladder without any encouragement along the way can be pretty overwhelming – and it can definitely seem impossible without any good role models. As a first-time working mom, I was desperate to see how other moms were managing their careers and motherhood. In my particular company, However, I didn’t have many examples. I was one of the oldest at the company (at the ripe ‘ole age of 32!) and the only mom. I often joke that I felt like I was Mila Kunis in one of her work scenes from Bad Moms!

And while I knew I wasn’t the only one out there figuring out life as a new mom with lots of career ambitions, it sure felt that way most days. And that’s how the seed for this podcast and community was sown.

I wanted to create a space to bring moms together who unapologetically love their careers, but could use a little encouragement to know they’re not the only one out there juggling all the things.

I wanted to create a place where we can be reminded that while we might feel like a crazy person some days, we’re aren’t crazy at all (71% of us moms work outside-the-home after all!). A place that gives us the confidence to shrug off the disapproving looks from a stranger when they hear we work outside the home each day – or even days at a time when traveling – because, we know we have a community who gets us and knows we’re a rock star mom who loves and cares for her kids fiercely.

I want this to be a place where we can truly celebrate (and commiserate!) all things working motherhood.

Because we’re not alone. And now, we can actually find each other!

I’m so glad you’re here.